Drago Glamuzina

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Drago Glamuzina, the author of the novel The Second Law of Thermodynamics, was born in Vrgorac in 1967. He graduated in Comparative Literature and Philosophy from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. He worked as a journalist and executive editor at Vjesnik Daily and then executive editor and editor in chief at Nacional News Magazine. From 2003 to 2011 he worked as the editor in chief at Profil Publishing and since 2011 he has been working as the editor in chief at VBZ Publishing. His publications include Mesari (Butchers, poetry, Naklada MD, Zagreb, 2001), Tri (Three, a novel, Profil, Zagreb, 2008), Je li to sve (Is That All, poetry, VBZ, Zagreb, 2009), a book of selected poems called Sami u toj šumi accompanied by photographs by Stanko Abadžić (Alone in Those Woods, Bibliofil, Zagreb, 2011), Everest (poetry, Fraktura, Zagreb, 2016), a book of selected poems in English called Waiting for the Frogs to Fall (HDP, 2017) and Drugi zakon termodinamike (The Second Law of Thermodynamics, a novel, VBZ, 2021). Mesari won the Vladimir Nazor Book of the Year Award and the Kvirin Prize for the Best Book of Poetry. His novel Tri won the 2008 T-Portal Award for the best Croatian novel. His books have been translated into German, Bulgarian, English, Macedonian and Slovenian. He lives in Zagreb. linku. Ostale naslove autora romana Drugi zakon termodinamike potražite ovdje