Ivica Prtenjača

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Ivica Prtenjača graduated from the Faculty of Education in Rijeka and is a publisher and prominent promoter of Croatian literature. As a presenter on Croatian Radio, he writes and hosts the shows ‘Mornings on 3’ and ‘My Choice’. Having published a number of poetry collections, and twice being awarded the Kiklop Prize for poetry book of the year – for Take Everything That Calms You (2006) and Cruelty (2010) – he made his prose debut in 2006 with the novel It’s Good, It’s Nice. In 2014, his novel The Hill garnered the V.B.Z. and Tisak Media award for best unpublished novel, which he won again in 2021 for Let’s Go Home, Son. Prtenjača’s poetry and prose have been translated into more than 20 languages. He lives and works in Zagreb.