Jean-Marc Rochette

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In 2017, Jean-Marc Rochette settled in the village of Les Étages in the heart of the Écrins mountains to write the comic book ‘Ailefroide’. It took him 40 years to return to the mountains where he grew up and where, as a young man, he dreamed of becoming a guide before a serious accident diverted him from that life path. Then he returned to alpinism and is simultaneously engaged in painting, drawing and writing. With the comic strip ‘Wolf’ (Le Loup), a bestseller translated into a dozen languages, and the comic strip ‘Dernière Reine’, he focuses on this geographical area close to his heart, questioning the themes of the mountain and the balance between man and nature.
From tragedy to humour, from realism to fantasy, Rochette is an unparalleled cartoonist and illustrator.